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Bullish Bitcoin Indicator Which Led To A Reversal Has Returned, Is $70,000 Possible?

Jamie Coutts, the chief crypto analyst at Real Vision, has highlighted an indicator that paints [...]

Bullish Bitcoin Indicator Which Led To A Reversal Has Returned, Is $70,000 Possible?

Jamie Coutts, the chief crypto analyst at Real Vision, has highlighted an indicator that paints a bullish picture for Bitcoin (BTC). Based on [...]

Donald Trump memecoin spikes 52% following assassination attempt

The price of the largest Trump-themed memecoin MAGA surged sharply following an assassination attempt on the former President while speaking on stage at [...]

Analysts Unanimous: Solana (SOL) To Soar 100% – Details

As a growing number of experts and investors focus on the blockchain network frequently referred to as the “Ethereum killer,” the crypto markets [...]

What’s next for Bitcoin price now that German gov't BTC balance hits zero?

The German government got rid of all of its Bitcoin, but it could still be a bit early to expect a trend reversal [...]

Why Did The Cardano Price Surge 17% Amid The Crypto Market Crash?

Cardano (ADA) has recorded a significant 20.29% price increase for the past seven days in line with the current green movement for most [...]

Ether ETFs on the move, Messi promotes memecoin, and more: Hodler’s Digest, July 7-13

VanEck and 21Shares submit updated Ether ETF filings, Goldman Sachs to launch tokenization products, and Messi promotes memecoin.

Whistleblowers asked the SEC to investigate OpenAI over alleged illegal NDAs

The complainants called the matter « urgent, » but it remains unclear if the SEC will open an investigation.

180% Upside For (FET)? Analyst Makes Bold Prediction Amid Market Jitters

Amid the growing market anxiety, a ray of hope emerged for cryptocurrency investors relying on (FET). A renowned crypto expert predicts that [...]

JP Morgan-backed blockchain firm ‘Partior’ closes $60M Series B funding

Partior is already processing transactions on behalf of several firms including JP Morgan, DBS, and Temasek.

Dogecoin Sees 868% Spike In Whale Buys, Bulls Ready For Breakout Rally

Dogecoin (DOGE) whales are gearing up for a bullish reversal for the foremost meme coin. On-chain data shows that these whales have regained [...]

XRP Resilience Sparks Further Gains As Price Surpasses $0.466 Level

Recently, the price of XRP with a bullish momentum has made a significant surge above the $0.4663 resistance mark. This upside movement has [...]

Nigeria’s SEC advised to regulate Bitcoin, Ether as commodities

By treating Bitcoin and Ether as commodities, Nigerian regulators can establish a more tailored regulatory framework that reflects the unique characteristics of these [...]

Bitcoin Lags Behind S&P 500, Signaling Potential Bullish Catch-Up

Bitcoin has managed to record some price gains in the last week following a brutal market sell-off at the start of July which [...]

Chainlink Investors In Accumulation Mode – LINK Price Primed For A Rally?

The price of Chainlink has mostly struggled in the past few weeks, mirroring the stagnant condition of the general market. Interestingly, investors seem [...]

Ripple vs. SEC: Ripple’s landmark victory one year later

While challenges remain, Ripple’s victory has set a precedent that could shape the future of the cryptocurrency industry for years to come.

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Faits divers : Les propriétaires de crypto de plus en plus victime d’agressions violentes

Pour vivre heureux, vivons cachés. Ces derniers mois, de nombreux cas d’enlèvements contre rançon en cryptomonnaie ont été rapportés dans plusieurs pays [...]

Coinbase contre la SEC : La juge refuse l’accès de Coinbase aux communications personnelles de Gary Gensler

Echanges d’amabilités. La Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) se retrouve à son tour devant la justice depuis que Coinbase a décidé de [...]

Tornado Cash : pas de liberté sous caution pour Alexey Pertsev, il devra rester en prison

Traité comme un criminel. La condamnation au Pays-Bas d’Alexey Pertsev pour blanchiment d’argent, pour simplement avoir développé le logiciel open source Tornado [...]

Cryptomonnaies : Bitcoin devrait rebondir en août selon JPMorgan

De bonnes raisons d’être optimiste. Vous trouvez que le bull run post halving a un petit arrière goût amer ? Et que [...]

Bitcoin le 13 juillet – Des performances XXL à venir pour le BTC ?

Hausse des nouvelles adresses BTC – Malgré la baisse des cours, 300 000 nouvelles adresses ont été utilisées pour la première fois [...]

Adoption des cryptomonnaies : les volumes d’échange explosent de +90% en 2 ans

Exponentielle d’adoption. Si le marché de Bitcoin (BTC) et des cryptomonnaies est depuis quelques semaines dans la morosité à cause des baisses [...]

News im German

Finexify, a DeFi Investment Firm, Announces Fund Results as of 31 Oct 2021

Global xChange LTD. („Finexify“), a boutique investment firm that provides investors with an opportunity [...]

Bitmex: Startet die grosse Bitcoin-Börse bald in der Schweiz?

Erstes Büro in der Schweiz: Bitmex plant nach Europa zu expandieren. Das sind mal [...]

Taproot-Upgrade für Bitcoin: Neuerungen für die beliebte Kryptowährung machen Ethereum Konkurrenz

Das letzte grosse Bitcoin-Upgrade ist bereits vier Jahre her und spaltete damals die Community [...]

Reddit bald mit NFT-Marktplatz?

Es gibt immer NFT und Kryptowährungen mit Potential. Die Hinweise mehren sich, dass die [...]

Investart neu mit ESG-Angebot

Die Online-Investing-Plattform Investart führt ESG-Ratings in Zusammenarbeit mit der Ratingagentur MSCI ein. Damit können [...]

More than 400 people from within the international blockchain community participated in the second Swiss Blockchain Hackathon

The second Swiss Blockchain Hackathon led by a consortium made up of the Swiss [...]

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