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Litecoin Put To The Test: Can LTC Break Through $94?

Litecoin (LTC), the cryptocurrency often dubbed “silver to Bitcoin’s gold,” has left investors scratching their [...]

Bitcoin ETFs are ‘orange FOMO poker chips’ that siphon on-chain funds back into TradFi

Bitcoin’s goal of creating a decentralized financial system may be challenged by ETFs “dragging money back into the TradFi world,” according to a [...]

Binance calls on small and medium projects to combat low float, high FDV trend

Binance said that supporting small and medium-sized projects with strong fundamentals could enhance the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

Litecoin Put To The Test: Can LTC Break Through $94?

Litecoin (LTC), the cryptocurrency often dubbed “silver to Bitcoin’s gold,” has left investors scratching their heads this week. After a brief surge, LTC [...]

Bitcoin Rally Incoming: This Major BTC Metric Just Turned Bullish Once Again

A crucial Bitcoin metric has just turned bullish, sparking optimism from a crypto analyst regarding an impending rally for Bitcoin. This unique technical [...]

How to buy Bitcoin in Switzerland

Is Bitcoin legal in Switzerland? Discover Swiss banks’ attitudes toward crypto and various ways to buy BTC.

Trader turns $2.2K SOL into $2.26M in 8 hours with new memecoin

The trader, the largest BOME holder, made an over 993-fold gain on his initial investment, spurring insider trading allegations.

UK AI safety institute ventures across the pond with new US location

The UK expands its AI Safety Institute to San Francisco, aiming to leverage Bay Area tech talent and strengthen global AI safety partnerships.

Bitcoin rally above $67.5K could spark new record highs, says 10x Research

Bitcoin could be on the brink of a rally to new record highs, but it still has one significant resistance to overcome, according [...]

Do users really care about decentralization? Industry figures clash

Ethereum’s Dankrad Feist and Helius Labs CEO Mert Mumtaz clash on X over the importance of decentralization, revealing differing views on the crypto [...]

Captain Tsubasa NFT soccer game debuts on Oasys blockchain

Mint Town CEO Hiroshi Kunimitsu said integrating into the Oasys blockchain lets fans experience the story in a new way.

4 Key Reasons Why The Bitcoin Bull Run Is Far From Over

In an analysis shared via X, renowned crypto analyst Ted (@tedtalksmacro) has provided compelling evidence to support his assertion that the current Bitcoin [...]

ETFs buy 3X new BTC supply — 5 Things to know in Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin is facing renewed calls for a supply shock as exchange reserves hit seven-year lows, and BTC price action focuses on final resistance.

XRP Holders In Panic Selling Frenzy? Sub-$0.50 Looms

The price of XRP, the native token of Ripple, seems to be teetering on the edge of a short-term decline, according to an [...]

Ethereum dev’s paid EigenLayer role sparks debate on ‘conflicted incentives’

Ethereum researcher Justin Drake said his EigenLayer role is worth “millions of dollars” and some think it could shake up incentives for those [...]

5 of 7 on-chain indicators suggest the bull run is just beginning

On-chain indicators such as the Bitcoin MVRV Z score, Puell Multiple and HODL Waves paint a bullish picture for Bitcoin investors.

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How to participate in the starknet airdrop

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crypto switzerland binance thecryptonews

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News en Français

Arnaque crypto : Arrestations aux États-Unis en lien à une escroquerie « pig butchering »

Balance ton porc. Le secteur des cryptomonnaies est malheureusement propice à la prolifération des arnaques et autres scams en tout genre. En [...]

Ethereum le 20 mai – Vers un retour de la volatilité haussière sur ETH ?

Fin de la correction pour ETH et les crypto ? – Le roi des cryptomonnaies a chuté en dessous des 60 000 [...]

Solana : le hacker de appréhendé par la police anglaise

La semaine dernière, la plateforme a été ciblée par une attaque sur Solana. Au total, l’attaquant a réussi à dérober l’équivalent [...]

Lava Network : Les tokenomics du protocole

Lava Network est un réseau modulaire de fournisseurs d’infrastructure pour les principales couches primaires du marché. Entre autres, il s’agit d’un routeur [...]

Bitcoin : Le nombre de nouvelles adresses BTC tombe à son plus bas niveau depuis 2018

Pause Bitcoin. Le Bitcoin a connu un début d’année 2024 des plus intenses. Cela a commencé par l’approbation aux États-Unis des ETF [...]

Bitcoin le 20 mai – 70 jours sans plus haut historique pour le BTC

Baisse à venir ? – D’après les équipes de JP Morgan, le cours du Bitcoin pourrait revenir en dessous des 50 000 [...]

News im German

Finexify, a DeFi Investment Firm, Announces Fund Results as of 31 Oct 2021

Global xChange LTD. („Finexify“), a boutique investment firm that provides investors with an opportunity [...]

Bitmex: Startet die grosse Bitcoin-Börse bald in der Schweiz?

Erstes Büro in der Schweiz: Bitmex plant nach Europa zu expandieren. Das sind mal [...]

Taproot-Upgrade für Bitcoin: Neuerungen für die beliebte Kryptowährung machen Ethereum Konkurrenz

Das letzte grosse Bitcoin-Upgrade ist bereits vier Jahre her und spaltete damals die Community [...]

Reddit bald mit NFT-Marktplatz?

Es gibt immer NFT und Kryptowährungen mit Potential. Die Hinweise mehren sich, dass die [...]

Investart neu mit ESG-Angebot

Die Online-Investing-Plattform Investart führt ESG-Ratings in Zusammenarbeit mit der Ratingagentur MSCI ein. Damit können [...]

More than 400 people from within the international blockchain community participated in the second Swiss Blockchain Hackathon

The second Swiss Blockchain Hackathon led by a consortium made up of the Swiss [...]

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